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Links to other related organizations and resources

Sac State offers an Environmental Studies B.S. Major, B.A. Major and a Minor.

Green Team is a committee for ASI (Sac State's student leadership) that is dedicated to advocating for sustainable policies on our campus. You can join and vote for change.

Sac State's office of sustainability is responsible for implementing policy changes and monitoring the campus's progress towards sustainability in terms of energy, waste, and water. You can apply to work as a student intern. They also have a student fund to help you implement a campus project.

Ethicli is a browser extension that helps you shop from more ethical companies by providing you with ethics info and ethical product suggestions. It was created by Billy T., a member and officer of ESO.

Youtube series with tons of easy to understand information about climate and environment. It covers everything from composting to recycling to fast fashion.

Youtube Channel created by former member and officer Jaidacyn. Covers topics like veganism, minimalism, and zero waste.

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