About Us


We are passionate about the environment, spreading sustainability, and encouraging community action.

Join us to partake in much needed activism, learn about environmental justice, and how to live a more environmentally conscientious life!

Meet the Officers

Franky De La Torre



"I joined ESO because of my ever growing concern for our environment. With tree planting, documentary screenings, climate protests; ESO has a lot to offer everyone!"

Billy T. Hernandez


Vice President

"I've always cared a lot about the environment and I wanted to join ESO so I could help be part of the solution to climate change."

Laneia Pozzesi



"I joined ESO because I wanted to get more involved with environmental efforts here at sac state!"

Eddie Koon



"I joined ESO because I wanted to take the lessons and ideals I was learning in my ENVS classes and find a way to apply them to my life which this club helped me do while meeting awesome like minded people!"

Anisa Gutierrez-Castro



"I joined ESO to get involved in something bigger than myself and to try to make a positive impact in Sacramento and at Sac State."